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“El Diquis” Hydroelectric Dam in Costa Rica 2

Hydroelectric power is BIG in Costa Rica.

The Costanera Highway, The Caldera-San Jose Highway, The Cortez Hospital, The International Airport and The Diquis Hydroelectric Dam… it is easy to see that Costa Rica is serious about improving its infrastructure and securing a bright future.

Over the past decade, the dramatic increase in tourism and investment … Read on...

Costa Rica, A Hurricane-Free Zone 1

While browsing the storefronts of Quepos the other day, I saw this Hurricane History Map in an office window.  What caught my attention was how Costa Rica was completely free of any direct hurricane/tropical storm trajectories.  People ask us if we get hit by hurricanes, and now it’s nice to have a chart showing just … Read on...

Water In Costa Rica, Part Two 6

Water is a necessity.

If you ask the World Bank or one of the mega-water corporations (e.g., Coke, Nestle, Vivendi), fresh drinking water is a commodity.  If you ask virtually everyone else in the world (including the United Nations), fresh drinking water is a basic human right.  Whether it is the encroachment of privatization or … Read on...