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New International Airport In Costa Rica Aims For “Green” Status 1

The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice.   – George Eliot


Can money and a safe environment co-exist?

Now that the Costanera Sur (Coastal Highway) has been completed, the new international airport for the southern Pacific zone is the single, most popular, regional question we receive.  Most investors want it.  Most environmentalists are … Read on...


Where Is Costa Rica? 13 Million People Want To Know


Searching for Costa Rica…?

I know what you’re thinking, “That’s beyond obvious, Mr. Guy In The Zone.”  For those who tune into this blog on a regular basis, I agree… BUT, did you know that the search term “Where Is Costa Rica” gets over 13 million global monthly Internet searches?   Two things came to mind … Read on...

Is The International Airport A Reality? 1

Air port in Costa Rica

Regional to International, the Osa Airport Dilemma

A week ago, I was reading the Tico Times and the headline “Liberia Airport Renovation Nearly Finished” jumped out at me. It’s only been nine years since that airport opened, and now it’s getting $41 million dollars worth of renovations?? I had to figure out why, if only … Read on...

Pura Vida Poll, August 2011

August begins a new Guys In The Zone tradition, the poll question. As some of you know, we have been increasingly active with the social marketing and networking lately. LinkedIn, in particular, has inspired many new connections and ideas. The Poll will be a regular addition to our Talk Show and articles, and who … Read on...

“El Diquis” Hydroelectric Dam in Costa Rica 2

Hydroelectric power is BIG in Costa Rica.

The Costanera Highway, The Caldera-San Jose Highway, The Cortez Hospital, The International Airport and The Diquis Hydroelectric Dam… it is easy to see that Costa Rica is serious about improving its infrastructure and securing a bright future.

Over the past decade, the dramatic increase in tourism and investment … Read on...

Why Canadians LOVE Costa Rica! 3

Half of my family is from Canada, eh.  My mother grew up in Newfoundland until the age of 13 when my grandfather found work in California.  The extended family that stayed behind, some later moving to Ottawa, would frequently visit us in the San Francisco Bay Area, especially during the cold, winter months.

A few … Read on...

Tour Costa Rica, Buy Southern Zone 2

Answer: 98%.  The Question… what percentage of people first visit Costa Rica as tourists before buying their own piece of paradise?

Uvita's Whale's Tail formation taken from Escaleras.

Costa Rica is attractive as a vacation spot, for retirement and investment, especially in this “buyer’s market.”  In particular, the Southern Pacific Zone (and I’m talking about … Read on...