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Uvita Costa Rica Walk-to-the-Beach development Villa Del Sol

A New Type of Property Buying Option in Costa Rica 1

Video done by Chuck Chastain of Aerial Media

Typically the type of property that I have sold over my years in Costa Rica real estate have been multi-acre, ocean view properties. These have been sold to hardy individuals that have deemed themselves up to the task of taming these jungle laden acres to their will … Read on...


New International Airport In Costa Rica Aims For “Green” Status 1

The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice.   – George Eliot


Can money and a safe environment co-exist?

Now that the Costanera Sur (Coastal Highway) has been completed, the new international airport for the southern Pacific zone is the single, most popular, regional question we receive.  Most investors want it.  Most environmentalists are … Read on...

Is The International Airport A Reality? 1

Air port in Costa Rica

Regional to International, the Osa Airport Dilemma

A week ago, I was reading the Tico Times and the headline “Liberia Airport Renovation Nearly Finished” jumped out at me. It’s only been nine years since that airport opened, and now it’s getting $41 million dollars worth of renovations?? I had to figure out why, if only … Read on...

“El Diquis” Hydroelectric Dam in Costa Rica 2

Hydroelectric power is BIG in Costa Rica.

The Costanera Highway, The Caldera-San Jose Highway, The Cortez Hospital, The International Airport and The Diquis Hydroelectric Dam… it is easy to see that Costa Rica is serious about improving its infrastructure and securing a bright future.

Over the past decade, the dramatic increase in tourism and investment … Read on...

NEW-Old Plan for the International Airport in Costa Rica 3

A longtime associate in Costa Rica real estate stopped by our office after being out of the country for an extended period.  One of his first questions was, “So, what’s going on with the international airport?”  My response was, “What airport?”  He found that amusing considering the broker he just spoke to was talking it … Read on...

Water In Costa Rica, Part Two 6

Water is a necessity.

If you ask the World Bank or one of the mega-water corporations (e.g., Coke, Nestle, Vivendi), fresh drinking water is a commodity.  If you ask virtually everyone else in the world (including the United Nations), fresh drinking water is a basic human right.  Whether it is the encroachment of privatization or … Read on...

Houses In Our Future 6

What does the future hold for The Zone?

The crystal ball… standard equipment for psychics and investors, alike. Ben and I are constantly observing the trends and then peering into the future of our little Costa Rican real estate market.

The First Wave

Around 1995, the first wave of developers arrived to the area. These … Read on...