A Morning in “The Zone”

Toucan in guarumo. Uvita Costa Rica

As I was preparing this article to post, I had this visitor. Ahhh, such are mornings in Costa Rica (and evenings… and afternoons).

At this writing, we are in the later stages of the rainy season here in the zone. Its a bit of a paradox why the rainy season here is called the “low” … Read on...

How Properties are Priced in Costa Rica

Property prices in Costa Rica

How is property priced in Costa Rica? There are a couple of answers to this question. Read on…

When I told a seller recently what his expenses would be in selling a property, he responded by saying “I’ll need to ask more for my property then to cover these expenses”, to which I responded “exactly!”.

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Buy a Property With Seller Financing

How seller financing works in Costa Rica.

Seller Financing is a great option for buying a property in Costa Rica.

It is a common question: “I’d like to buy a property in Costa Rica. What kind of financing is available?”

To be a foreigner in Costa Rica and look for a bank loan is like falling down the rabbit hole. The dizzying … Read on...

Is There an MLS in Costa Rica? 1

Non-MLS versus MLS in Costa Rica Real Estate

The differences between MLS and Non-MLS in real estate are numerous

Question: Do you have MLS there so that you can search all available properties or are you limited to your listings?

In other words, can you as a prospective buyer of real estate in Costa Rica work with just one real estate agent, or

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All About Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Zone

All about Costa Rica's southern Pacific zone

Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific Zone Explained.

When discussing The Zone, those of us who live here effortlessly refer to a property’s relation to the nearest town. For visitors and prospective buyers of property in The Zone, they are ofttimes left wondering just where the heck we are actually talking about. This article will help to … Read on...

Water Issues are the Hot Topic in Costa Rica Real Estate

Creek that runs through a property.

This creek is one of the water sources that can be considered for obtaining legal water.

I met with a water engineer the other day at a property that I have newly listed. From that encounter, I now know more about this elusive & mysterious new law – well its not so much a new … Read on...

Vegan Lifestyle in the Zone – Question From Reader

Preamble: this article is my response to question I received from one of this blog’s readers. Its a bit unusual, but I see it as demonstrating a growing interest in The Zone – wellness – in its many forms. This one is specifically “vegan”, but the principles apply to all aspects of wellness.

Towns for the Vegan Lifestyle - Ojochal Uvita or Tinamastes

Which town

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Raw Land Making a Comeback?

Comparison of land sales vss house sales in Costa Rica

Houses vss Land Sales Thermometer

Over the past couple of years, there has been a definite trend of houses selling and raw land not so much. This high season has started off with a bang with a slightly different tone. Raw land is in an uptrend. Lord knows why this shift, but here’s some of … Read on...

Uvita Costa Rica Walk-to-the-Beach development Villa Del Sol

A New Type of Property Buying Option in Costa Rica 1

Video done by Chuck Chastain of Aerial Media

Typically the type of property that I have sold over my years in Costa Rica real estate have been multi-acre, ocean view properties. These have been sold to hardy individuals that have deemed themselves up to the task of taming these jungle laden acres to their will … Read on...

Should I Buy or Build a House in Costa Rica?

Should I Build a House in Costa Rica

Build a House in Costa Rica (photo from www.manuprefab.com)

Construction, that is to say, building a house in Costa Rica, is a project for the adventurous relocator, and for those that are looking to optimize a real estate investment strategy.

Whereas the following did not use to be true, times have changed; building a house … Read on...