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Ben's talk How to Live in Costa Rica at Avid Reader

A Costa Rica Evening 1

Ben's talk How to Live in Costa Rica at Avid Reader

Here is the setting. I have retouched the photo to insert my head onto the guy who was actually in the pic. We didn’t take any pics at my event. šŸ™ But, it gives the setting šŸ™‚

I have just returned to Costa Rica from my regular visit to Davis California. This trip was predicated … Read on...


Costa Rica Season Change


One example from the Heliconia family

We truly do live in a different country here in Costa Rica. I know – this sounds a bit obvious. But sometimes the place can seem just like another “state”. We can forget, Ā when our focus is on the price of land, how to build a house, residency, how … Read on...

Talk Show – Episode 12 1

Episode 12 features a candid look at community in the Southern Pacific Zone of Costa Rica. If you’re considering relocating, buying a house, raw land, or a commercial business in the greater Dominical or Uvita areas, we encourage you to watch. And, please feel free to share your comments or questions. Gracias.

Talk Show – Read on...

Real estate brokers in Costa Rica

Looking Back Over 2010 3

Real estate brokers in Costa Rica

Rod & Ben: It's been a long and amazing year.

Iā€™ve never had a year quite like 2010.Ā  Amazing, life altering, wonderful, scary and perplexing would be just a few of the descriptors that would sum this year up for me.

The Weather
At the start of the new year, we here in Costa Rica … Read on...

Education In Rural Costa Rica, Part 1 5

Educationā€¦ it elicits warm images of smiling children, colorful classrooms and fundamental ideas like opportunity and a brighter future.Ā  I am happy to say I see all of those elements unfolding here in Costa Rica, albeit sloooowly.

Did you know that the Costa Rican government is constitutionally required to budget at least 6% of the … Read on...