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How To Buy… And End Up Happy 1

Sky's the limit... but buy smart.

We had an inquiry recently that concluded in a remarkable way.  This gentleman said, “I will accept defective land due to lack of funds. (I was ripped off 5 times!).”  I had to ask myself, how does one experience being “ripped off 5 times” in a country where the … Read on...

Real Estate Guy’s Super Powers 1

A typical conversation in a-day-in-the-life of a Costa Rica real estate agent.
Visitor – Hey Ben, howzit going?
Ben – Good man. How’r you?
Visitor – Good. How are things in The Zone?
Ben thinking to himself – (Translation: Are properties selling? Are prices going up? What is this season like? What is the coming … Read on...

Seller Financing Opens Door for Home Buyers in Costa Rica 2

Seller Financing Open The Door in Costa Rica

The Downturn… (cue ominous music)

It would be easy to label the decline of the Costa Rica real estate market (since the peak in 2007) in a negative light.  In truth, there is no such thing as “negative light” only the opportunity for change, and if … Read on...

Water In Costa Rica, Part Two 6

Water is a necessity.

If you ask the World Bank or one of the mega-water corporations (e.g., Coke, Nestle, Vivendi), fresh drinking water is a commodity.  If you ask virtually everyone else in the world (including the United Nations), fresh drinking water is a basic human right.  Whether it is the encroachment of privatization or … Read on...