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About Bugs & Chilis

Bugs swarming

Bugs are a feature of nature.

My first three weeks in Costa Rica (1999) my legs were red and itchy from the knees down. After those three weeks, it’s been smooth sailing. My legs cleared up, and aside from the occasional bloom, bugs have not been a problem.

Bug bitten legs.

What legs might look like during the

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Vegan Lifestyle in the Zone – Question From Reader

Preamble: this article is my response to question I received from one of this blog’s readers. Its a bit unusual, but I see it as demonstrating a growing interest in The Zone – wellness – in its many forms. This one is specifically “vegan”, but the principles apply to all aspects of wellness.

Towns for the Vegan Lifestyle - Ojochal Uvita or Tinamastes

Which town

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Ben's talk How to Live in Costa Rica at Avid Reader

A Costa Rica Evening 1

Ben's talk How to Live in Costa Rica at Avid Reader

Here is the setting. I have retouched the photo to insert my head onto the guy who was actually in the pic. We didn’t take any pics at my event. 🙁 But, it gives the setting 🙂

I have just returned to Costa Rica from my regular visit to Davis California. This trip was predicated … Read on...