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Costa Rica Season Change


One example from the Heliconia family

We truly do live in a different country here in Costa Rica. I know – this sounds a bit obvious. But sometimes the place can seem just like another “state”. We can forget,  when our focus is on the price of land, how to build a house, residency, how … Read on...

Pura Vida Poll, August 2011

August begins a new Guys In The Zone tradition, the poll question. As some of you know, we have been increasingly active with the social marketing and networking lately. LinkedIn, in particular, has inspired many new connections and ideas. The Poll will be a regular addition to our Talk Show and articles, and who … Read on...

The Most Precious Real Estate 4

I want to tell you the ocean knows this,         Yo os quiero decir que esto lo sabe el mar,
that life in its jewel boxes                                  que la vida en sus arcas
is endless as the sand                                      es ancha como la arena

Isla Ballena in the Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

As a teenager, I was as … Read on...