We are in high season here in the southern pacific zone. The months of November through April are typically when there are more tourists here than during the rainy months.

There is another type of “high season” happening right now as well. This has more to do with world conditions. I know, those from the … Read on...

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A New Type of Property Buying Option in Costa Rica 1

Video done by Chuck Chastain of Aerial Media

Typically the type of property that I have sold over my years in Costa Rica real estate have been multi-acre, ocean view properties. These have been sold to hardy individuals that have deemed themselves up to the task of taming these jungle laden acres to their will … Read on...

Uvita Costa Rica Walk-to-the-Beach development Villa Del Sol

How to Buy a Property in Costa Rica

Reasons we hear for why people buy property in Costa Rica:

  • “There are big changes in (home country) afoot”
  • “We’d like to simplify”
  • “Gotta get out of this cold!”
  • “We’d like a second home”
  • “We’d like a second home that generates income while we are not there”.
  • Getting more self-sufficient, going off the grid or
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Should I buy or buy and build a house in Costa Rica?

State of the Market – October 2012 3

What is the current market like in Costa Rica real estate?

I get asked this question quite a lot these days. Well, actually that is probably the question that characterizes the life of a real estate agent anywhere – and probably at any time, except when it is clearly known that there is a recession … Read on...

Houses at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf

What Is The Best Way To Invest $300,000?

I just got this question in:

I am an American English teacher who has been working and living abroad for many years. I have been living and working in Abu Dhabi, UAE for the past four years.
If you had up to $280,000 to invest in CR where would you invest it? The investment should Read on...