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Vegan Lifestyle in the Zone – Question From Reader

Preamble: this article is my response to question I received from one of this blog’s readers. Its a bit unusual, but I see it as demonstrating a growing interest in The Zone – wellness – in its many forms. This one is specifically “vegan”, but the principles apply to all aspects of wellness.

Towns for the Vegan Lifestyle - Ojochal Uvita or Tinamastes

Which town

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You Call This Tourism?

I spent some time at Playa Hermosa last Sunday. There were quite a few people there, mostly Ticos (Costa Ricans), causing me to reflect on times past. Granted, when I say “quite a few people” it is relative to the zone. The fact that there were a number of people in the water and that … Read on...

The Latest News for Uvita, Costa Rica 1


The Zone: Where the mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.

What’s in a name?  In the case of our company, I’ve heard comments about the name “Guys in the Zone” that range from: “not professional” to “that’s cool”.  It all came about quite innocently. Spend any time at all in The Zone, and you’ll hear the … Read on...