Ben Vaughn - Costa Rica real estate broker/agent

Ben Vaughn – Costa Rica real estate Guy Extraordinaire.

I am Ben. I have lived in Costa Rica since 1999. I formed and ran a real estate company in Dominical for several years, and then went off on my own, forming Guys In The Zone Real Estate.

After some time, Rod “Tigre” Martin entered the scene. We worked together for a number of years and then went our separate ways as real estate professionals. Over the years of working together, Rod & I have passed through many of life’s experiences. We have forged a friendship that goes beyond business. So, we’re good – for those of you that were wondering 🙂

We are now working together again in  Properties in Costa Rica, the only real estate company in Uvita (at this writing) . We are enjoying working with the highest ranked website on the web for the search term “Costa Rica real estate” and others, so we are busy. We are also enjoying having someone else taking care of the administrative duties associated with running a real estate company.

Rod is happy since he gets to ply his trade.  He genuinely loves real estate, and is singularly focused on helping real estate seekers to find the property here that is right for them. After working with Rod, all will say that they have found the ideal real estate agent.

I have taken over the running of this website, as well as my Dominical web site. I am enjoying the shift back to a former passion, and also am able to keep tabs on Rod and make sure he is doing Ok, which he is.

The articles on this web site are a result of a shared passion for writing, and the great feedback that we get from our readers of how these articles and Talk Shows have helped them to make their investment in land here in Costa Rica’s southern zone. The Guys in the Zone blog continues on as a source of information for anyone interesting in knowing what life is like here in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific zone, and still with an emphasis on real estate, but also news and just life information.