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Costa Rica Real Estate Blog | Properties in Costa Rica Southern Pacific Zone
May 302014

New International AirportInteresting question just came in this morning.

I came across your blog when searching for info on the new Ojochal airport plans. Your article was from aug 2012, do you have any updated news on the outcome of the studies?
Are you a real estate professional in costa rica? I am looking to buy….
Thank you!

Past articles on the new airport:

  1. New International Airport In Costa Rica Aims For “Green Status” - 2012
  2. Is The International Airport a Reality? - 2011
  3. New-Old Plan for the International Airport in Costa Rica - 2010
  4. Costa Rica’s Southern Zone to Have Airport by 2010 - 2007
  5. An International Airport in the Southern Zone? - 2005

Note that the #5 link above is from 2005, and the title of the #4 article is a bit revealing.

So, in answer to the question from this morning I decided to post my most recent article, this one, on the topic of the prospect of the new airport in Costa Rica’s southern zone.

There is talk of the new airport and there has been for years. I am reminded of the anticipation of the coastal highway being finished some years back. There was a 25 mile stretch of highway between Quepos / Manuel Antonio and Dominical that was unpaved, and it was a helloacious drive. The paving of this final stretch was a big deal and there was lots of talk about it – for years.

Many years ago I approached Jack Ewing, owner of Hacienda Baru Eco-tours. Jack has lived there on the coastal highway just north of Dominical since 1970. He has seen quite a bit of change (duh) and so I thought that maybe I could cut through the rhetoric of “the highway is about to be paved” talk and ask someone who knows. “Jack” said I, “when is the highway going to be paved between Quepos & Dominical?” Jack’s response: “HAH hah HAH HAH hah hah hah hah”. Then he went into his office and came back with a newspaper that was 15 years old. In it was an article about how the highway was going to be paved that year. To this Jack added: “when I see the heavy equipment out there doing the work I will tell you when I think that the highway will be paved.” OK. Nuf sed.

There is a correlation to the impending presence of the new international airport in Palmar Sur or Norte. It has been big talk for years. It is not there. There is talk about all approvals being in, monies being allocated, land being available (or not). The airport continues in its non-existent status.

However, to continue the correlation, the highway DID get paved. It just took many years longer than anyone thought it would. And the effect on the southern zone was/is enormous. I suspect that the airport will indeed be constructed at some point and that the effect on Costa Rica’s southern zone will be huge. As for when is anyone’s guess.

When it comes to investing in real estate I am conservative. I looked at property in Uvita in 2000 and thought that the area was just too darned far off the beaten path for anyone to ever want to live there. This was one of my bigger blunders. The large ocean view parcel that I looked at for $45,000 at that time would now easily top the $300,000 mark.

That is my disclaimer for the following bit of audacious prognostication: when the airport goes in, it is likely that the properties in the zone will jump in value. I hear that the Liberia property values jumped 30% the day the airport opened up there. So, knowing when the airport will be installed would be good investment information.

As for the “when” of it? Can’t say, and so my conservative bent kicks in and pushes that criterion down on the list of reasons to buy property.

There are, however, other compelling reasons to buy property in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific zone. There is some good living going on here by people from various parts of the globe. If these reasons do it for you, you will likely benefit greatly from an “investment” in The Zone.

If the nearness of an International Airport is important to you, you might want to wait. It should be noted that there are 2 regional airportsd within 30 – 45 minutes from Uvita. Quepos to the north and Palmar Sur to the south. You can fly into San Jose and puddle-jump into The Zone from these quite easily. The limitation are that there are only 2 flights a day to Quepos and 1 to Palmar Sur. Also, the planes are smaller and so you can’t bring large luggage.

The second part of the above question is if I am a real estate professional: Yes, I am. And I am happy to work with both buyers and sellers of property in this area.

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Feb 252014
How to Buy a Property in Costa Rica

Reasons we hear for why people buy property in Costa Rica:

“There are big changes in (home country) afoot”
“We’d like to simplify”
“Gotta get out of this cold!”
“We’d like a second home”
“We’d like a second home that generates income while we are not there”.
Getting more self-sufficient, going off the grid or at least, partially so.
Start a yoga [...]

Feb 042014

Once pleasantries are exchanged, we get to the core issue: “We’d like to sell our property and we’d like for you to give it a look”. If I don’t know the property, here are points I’d like to know:

Where is the house?
Is there a view?
What size is the house?
What size is the property?
When was it [...]

Jan 102014
The Costa Rica Real Estate Cycle

There are LOTs of folks considering making the move to Costa Rica and the southern Pacific zone in particular. It reminds me in some ways of the booming days of 2004 when I first got into real estate. I think that we are at the beginning of something.
There is always the tendency to feel like we’ve [...]


You Call This Tourism?

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Dec 032013

Playa Hermosa is a beach just north of Uvita, towards Dominical. There are several “Playa Hermosa” beaches in Costa Rica. We used to go out to this one and marvel at the beauty of the 2 mile-long stretch of beach that extends down to Uvita’s Whales Tail reef, and how there was absolutely nobody there. We used to joke about trying to find a place to put our towel, like what you find on so many such beaches in various parts of the world.

We’re not there yet, and frankly,

Nov 162013
Big Interest in Moving to Costa Rica

Traveling around the US, the interest in Costa Rica that I encounter is universal. While talking with visitors to Costa Rica, we frequently hear: “everybody is talking about Costa Rica. It’s a real buzz-word in (wherever they are from”. This they say to a guy while there in Costa Rica – to a guy that lives in Costa Rica – while they are discussing the possibility of moving to Costa Rica. Hmmmm, are these statements truly unbiased and objective? My recent travels around parts of the States answers these questions.


Understanding Costa Rica Real Estate

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Sep 222013
Understanding Costa Rica Real Estate

Back in 2004 I found myself running a small real estate company in Dominical called Horizon Properties. At that time, the concept of a property listing having a value within the agency, and amongst the various agencies, was non-existent.
As the chief cook and bottle washer of the company, I pretty much expected to procure the [...]

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Jul 182013
State of the Market - Midway 2013

I don’t know the exact percentage but I’d guess at around 90% of the visitors to our offices here start the conversation stating that they would like to buy a house. They are not interested in building. Until recently, this desire went unfulfilled. After looking at the meager house options, the actual base-line interest of the buyer would be exposed: they wanted to own property in The Zone. A house would be the first pick, but barring that, a raw piece of land that they could then build on would be an acceptable fall-back position to fulfill the fundamental interest that they had in owning something here in The Zone.

Most prospective buyers wanted to buy a house. Most prospective buyers bought raw land.

Now things have changed.

Jun 112013
A Positive Experience With a Costa Rica Government Agency
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Costa Rica: What Are We Doing Here?

For many of us here in Costa Rica’s southern pacific zone, we marvel at the hub-bub made in Costa Rica information books and websites about the high level of education in Costa Rica. We simply don’t see it.

A course I just took at the good graces of the governmental education agency INA stands in stark contrast with that observation.

The course was being offered free, totally government sponsored, but you had to be a resident. I had to provide a copy of my residency cedula, as well as fill out a form with all my information in it, all of which intrigued me that this course was something authentic. I jumped through the various hoops thinking that I would probably pull out at some point.

Long story short, I didn’t – I did the course – and I’m a better Guy because of it.